Villa58. Villa58.

Villa58 Rules & Regulation.

Dear Guest,Welcome to Villa58 Tanah Lot and we wish you an enjoyable stay. We would be grateful for your attention to the following points which we have put in place for the benefit of everyone.

1.     Property occupancy

To avoid any misunderstanding, please note that it is our strict policy that the number of guests who may stay in a property must not exceed the number of beds as advertised. Only those persons named on the confirmation invoice may stay in the property and subletting is forbidden. Your visitors may not stay overnight.

2.     Peace and Quiet

Most of the Villas around the area are owned by private individuals so please respect their right to peace, quiet and enjoyment of the facilities.  

* Please keep noise down especially music after 10 pm.

* Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult when swimming.

 3.     Guests’ belongings and pets

Guests are particularly requested to lock all doors and windows of the property and not to leave keys in the locks. Please turn off the air conditioning and shut all windows when leaving. No pets are allowed on the site.

4.     Damage to property

Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property and its fixtures and fittings caused by them and any other person for whom they are responsible.

5.     Person Injury

The Villa58 Tanah Lot will not be held responsible for any injury or ill health resulting from the use of any of the property’s facilities or for accidents occurring within the premises.

6.     Government Rules and Regulations

Guests are requested to observe the Government Rules and Regulations in force in respect of registration with a C Form, alcoholic drinks, prohibited drugs and fire arms.

7.     Parking

Guests may park in the allocated parking by the gate and in the side of the road.

8.     Signing in and out

A photocopy of passport or identity card will be requested upon arrival to enter the area.

9.     No smoking inside the villa (the room & in the lounge & entertainment room)

Please be aware that all bedrooms at the Villa58 Tanah Lot are non-smoking.We respectfully requests that hotel guests do not in smoke the rooms & inside all the building of the villa,  instead use outdoor area to smoke. Fruits with strong odors (such as fresh durian) are not allowed in the Villa.

 Anyone found to be smoking & bringing during the the bedroom or inside the villa will be subject to a fine of $200. 

10.     Disclaimer

The Owner or Operators of VILLA 58 shall hold no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property or any personal belongings of Guests staying in the Villa.

VILLA58 Tanah Lot Management,

Have a pleasant stay